• Activities will fill July Fourth

    The countdown to the 92nd annual July Fourth Celebration grows more apparent as the day draws nearer. Bunting and holiday decorations are beginning to appear on homes and businesses. The “Pyro Crew” is spending quality time at the city park on Tuesday and Thursday evenings working on the ground displays. Admission buttons will be on sale by the end of the week.

  • Treblemakers bring youth to bluegrass

    The average age of the Bluegrass at the Lake crowd was about 50, with a few gray beards sprinkled in among the spectators. The elder statesman of the first featured act, KBA Treblemakers, is 14. Guitar player Dawson Tarrant of Conway Springs had the most experience of any of his five band mates; he’s been playing with different lineups of the Treblemakers since he was 10 years old.

  • Newspaper adds 2 to team

    Two new employees with similar first names joined the Marion County Record, Hillsboro Star-Journal, and Peabody Gazette-Bulletin team on Monday. Oliver Good will be a familiar face to many in Marion. He graduated from Marion High School in 2000 and received a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus on creative writing from Kansas State University in 2005. He just finished a year studying graphic design at the University of Kansas.

  • Wind turbines could start turning this year

    If the weather is cooperative, construction on a wind farm between Marion, Florence, and Peabody could begin before the year is out. “If everything goes to plan, our plan is to start construction in late 2013,” Lee Bowen of Sunwind Energy Group said Monday.

  • Glassware puts glimmer in Schmidt's eye

    Donovan Schmidt can talk for hours about Depression era glassware. It is something that caught his interest 25 years ago and continues to inspire his collecting spirit, so much so that he just completed a 1,800-square-foot shed on his rural Goessel yard, part of which will house his new glassware sale cases. “The new building will also house my old tractors and my ’57 Ford,” he said. “But the main reason we built it is so I can showcase my glassware and a few other antiques for sale.”


  • Pearl Ayler

    Former Marion resident Pearl Beaston Ayler, 94, died Thursday in Carson City, Nev., where she resided. She was born Dec. 4, 1918, in Marion to Charles and Augusta Beaston and married Charles Ayler. He preceded her in death.

  • Gail "Bill" Dunn

    Gail William “Bill” Dunn, 96, died Sunday in Valley Center. He was born in Marion to Clyde William and Fern (Pollitt) Dunn. He married Arlene Lucille Davison on Aug. 10, 1940. He was a U.S. Air Force and World War II veteran. He retired from Sedgwick County as a welder and previously worked for Boeing, Cessna, and Beechcraft.

  • Walter Weber

    Walter Weber, 92, died Sunday at Sedgwick Health Care Center in Sedgwick. He was born Oct. 29, 1920, to David and Elizabeth (Reh) Weber. He married Dorothy Loewen on June 13, 1947, in Hillsboro.


    Glenna Newkirk



  • County buys SUV for EMS

    Marion County Commission voted Monday to purchase a new sport utility vehicle and medical equipment for the county’s ambulance department. A Ford Expedition will be purchased from the federal General Services Administration for $25,874, about $6,000 less than it would cost from local dealers, Emergency Medical Service director Steve Smith said.


  • KanCare a bureaucratic maze

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that in its first year, KanCare — Kansas’ new privatized system for administering Medicaid — has been a bureaucratic mess. Marion County’s ambulance service goes around and around with one of the three KanCare contractors to get reimbursed for mileage on emergency transfers from one hospital to another.

  • Hair today, gone to support

    Red Moore, 55, has a strange look these days. In support of her daughter Jessica Moore, 31, and her good friend Cynthia Barrett, 57, she has shaved her head. Jessica was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer last year and Cynthia with stage three this year.

  • Kids need occupational therapy

    Maggie Powers is nervous and excited to begin working next month at Greenbush Education Center in Topeka. It is the Marion High School graduate’s first job as an occupational therapist after receiving a master’s degree from the University of Kansas. She is anxious about the unknown, but has a feeling she will ease into her new position once she begins working with clients.

  • Athlete relies on family, nutrition

    Kevin Nickel runs because it is part of who he is. A Goessel High School and Tabor College alumnus, he is successful in half iron-man and triathlon competitions because of family support and good health habits. “Because of my work, I need to portray a healthy lifestyle,” Nickel said. “My nature is to want to be the best at what I do, and I enjoy the competition.”


  • This will leave you puzzled

    I called Peabody Care Center late Friday afternoon to catch administrator Melissa Parmley and discuss some Fourth of July advertising in the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin. Peabody Care Center will again have a barbecue with entertainment and a fireworks display on the facility lawn July 3. Everyone in the community is invited. It is an appreciation event and is free. Hold that thought.

  • There ought to be a law

    Watching the inane way governments operate, we almost are ready to agree with tea partiers that the only good government is a broke government, unable to do anything. Almost.


    Family fun well done

    Freedome for what

    Pipeline and taxes


  • 4-H to serve pulled pork

    The Happy Hustler’s 4-H Club will be serving $5 pulled pork meals 5 to 7 p.m. June 26 at the Farmer’s Market at Marion Central Park. Proceeds will go toward building restrooms in the park. For more information, call Lori McLinden at (620) 382-6255.

  • MKC donates to food bank

    The Mid-Kansas Cooperative donated $1,000 to the Marion County Food Bank. The company’s employees also donated 3,000 pounds of food to area food banks.

  • Free clothing to end at Shepherd's Shed

    For nearly 11 years, Shepherd’s Shed has been providing free clothing to Marion County residents. That will end July 1 unless founder Robin Dicks can find someone to take over for her.

  • Flood insurance may skyrocket

    Homes built in floodplains before the floodplains were mapped will lose a significant discount they have received on flood insurance, planning and zoning officer Tonya Richards told Marion County Commission on Monday. A homeowner who previously paid $700 to $800 a year may have to pay $3000 a year for flood insurance because of a change in federal rules. Floodplain maps in the county were made in the mid-1970s, she said.

  • Man crashes ATV over cliff

    A man weighing more than 300 pounds tumbled over a cliff while driving an all-terrain vehicle next to a pond Tuesday beside Country Dreams Bed and Breakfast. Harry E. Fullerton of Omaha, Neb., was visiting Country Dreams with his friend, Warren Bell, for a fishing trip. Fullerton was using the ATV, owned by Country Dreams, with the permission of Alice Richmond because he had struggled to walk to the inn’s boat dock.


  • Heerey named top agent in Kansas

    Doug Heerey of Marion has been named Shelter Insurance’s top agent in Kansas based on overall agency operation. Heerey has represented Shelter, which is based in Columbia, Mo., since 2009.

  • Health Ministries hires new director

    Health Ministries Clinic in Newton has hired Rachel Eash-Scott as Clinic Medical Director — Rachel Eash-Scott effectice July 8. A family physician at Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, she previously was a family physician for five years at Southeast Lancaster Health Clinic in Pennsylvania.

  • Teen goes on mission trip

    New graduate Andrea Nordquist is taking a different approach to her last summer before college. Thursday night, she arrived in Accra, Ghana, in Africa to spend 56 days helping teach preschool-age children at an orphanage. Nordquist decided to go on the mission trip after meeting organizers of Feeding the Orphans last summer at King Solomon Church Camp, said her mother, Jana Nordquist.

  • Poetry group to meet Thursday

    The Poem in Your Pocket group will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday at Marion City Library. Participants are encouraged to bring poems to celebrate summer.


    Burns, Peabody Senior Center

    Frederick, McCune


  • Marion County students earn honors

    Twenty-two Marion County students earned spring semester honors at Kansas State University: Florence: Jaclyn Deforest. Hillsboro: Aaron Klassen, Bryant Miller, Alex Nuss, and Candace Weinbrenner. Lehigh: Neal Kaiser. Lincolnville: Taylor Harms. Marion: Samuel Ehrlich, Patrick Hodson, Louis Holt, Tristan Snelling, Derek Stuchlik, Eric Vogel, and Julia Zeiner. Peabody: Alexandra Holm-McDowell, Broderick Kyle, Seth Methvin, Derrick Till, Courtney Traxson, and Joseph Zappone. Tampa: Matthew Klenda. University of Kansas

  • School board makes staff, program changes

    Peabody-Burns Board of Education accepted the resignation of K-12 art teacher Kerry Czarnowsky on June 10. After discussion, the board accepted the recommendation of the administration and approved a contract offer to Sharon Matz as half-time art teacher. The board entered two executive sessions totaling 25 minutes to discuss personnel. On return to open meeting, the board approved job offerings for year-round classified staff members but tabled offerings to school-year classified staff until the next meeting.


  • Peabody Swim Team results

    Peabody Super Swimmers placed second in a three-team meet Saturday at Solomon. The team scored 472 points, behind Hillsboro’s 601 points. GIRLS Ages 8 and younger 100-meter medley relay — 2. Madyson Goosen, Lexi Davis, and Wylda Brown. 25-meter butterfly — 1. Davis. 25-meter backstroke — 1. Davis. 25-meter freestyle — 1. Davis. 25-meter breaststroke — 1. Davis. 100-meter freestyle relay — 2. Davis, Brown, and Goossen. Ages 9 and 10 100-meter medley relay — 3. Emma Schroeder, Madyson Foth, and Lexi Schreiber. 25-meter freestyle — 3. Kallie Hutchison. 25-meter breaststroke — 3. Schreiber. 100-meter freestyle relay — 3. Schroeder, Hadlye Clark, Mya Winter, and Schreiber. Ages 11 and 12 200-meter medley relay — 3. Sydney Hodges, Kallie Hutchison, and Kayla Page. 50-meter backstroke — 3. Hodges. 200 meter freestyle relay — 3. Page, Hutchison, and Hodges. Ages 13 and 14 200-meter medley relay — 3. Madison Britton, Anna Lubbers, Mallory Harris, and Reagan Schreiber. 50-meter butterfly — 3. Harris. 50-meter breaststroke — 1. Schreiber. 200-meter freestyle relay — 3. Harris, Britton, Lubbers, and Schreiber. Ages 15 to 18 100-meter freestyle — 1. Lexi Anderson. 200-meter medley relay — 2. Mackenzie Young, Katy Benson, and Lily Harris. 50-meter butterfly — 1. Benson. 50-meter backstroke — 1. Young; 2. April Newfield. 50-meter freestyle — 1. Benson; 3. Anderson. 50-meter breaststroke — 1. Benson; 3. Young. 200-meter freestyle relay — 2. Anderson, Young, and Benson. 100-meter individual medley — 1. Benson; 3. Young. BOYS Ages 8 and younger 100-meter medley relay — 1. Jefferson Glover, Alex Young, Kael Hutchison, and Hunter Navrat; 2. Lukas Spencer, Thomas Craig, and Christopher Spencer. 25-meter butterfly — 1. Glover; 2. Hutchison. 25-meter backstroke — 2. Glover, Navrat. 25-meter freestyle — 2. Hunter; 3. Glover. 25-meter breaststroke — 2. Young; 3. Navrat. 100-meter freestyle relay — 1. Navrat, Glover, and Hutchison; 2. Craig, C. Spencer, Young, and L. Spencer. Ages 9 and 10 100-meter freestyle — 3. Alex Caldwell. 100-meter medley relay — 2. Jakob Graber, Philip Young, Johnathan Glover, and Caldwell; 3. Corbin Marple, Julian Craig, Jake Partridge, and Noal Reynolds. 25-meter butterfly — 2. Glover. 25-meter backstroke — 3. Glover. 25-meter freestyle — 2. Caldwell. 25-meter breaststroke — 2. Young. 100-meter freestyle relay — 2. Young, Graber, Glover, and Caldwell. Ages 11 and 12 100-meter freestyle — 3. Zach Stephey. 200-meter medley relay — 2. Koby Schroeder, Max Caldwell, Reid Graber, and Jordan Anderson. 50-meter butterfly — 2. Graber. 50-meter backstroke — 3. Stephy. 50-meter freestyle — 3. Graber. 50-meter breaststroke — 2. Caldwell. 200-meter freestyle relay — 2. Schroeder, Caldwell, Anderson, Graber. 100-meter individual medley — 2. Graber. Ages 13 and 14 200-meter medley relay — 2. Austin Reynolds, Bryant Young, and Zack Stephey. 50-meter backstroke — 2. Reynolds. 50-meter freestyle — 3. Reynolds. 50-meter breaststroke — 3.Young. Ages 15 to 18 100-meter freestyle — 2. Garrett Schroeder. 200-meter medley relay — 1.Zach Preheim, Schroeder, and Nick Preheim. 50-meter butterfly — 1. Z. Preheim; 2. N. Preheim. 50-meter backstroke — 1. Z.Preheim; 3. Schroeder. 50-meter freestyle — 2. Z. Preheim. 50-meter breaststroke — 1. Schroeder; 2. Z. Preheim. 200-meter freestyle relay — 2. Schroeder, Hutchison, Jayden, N. Preheim, and Z. Preheim. 100-meter individual medley — 1. Z. Preheim; 2. Schroeder; 3. N. Preheim.


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