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Discounts vary across county

Staff writer

Getting older may mean getting more bargains. Many county businesses offer a discount when customers reach a certain age. Each business has its own bargain, and the age at which customers can collect varies.

Carlsons’ Grocery, Dale’s Supermarket, and Heartland Foods offer a 10 percent discount to people age 65 and older every Wednesday on store items not on sale.

“Wednesday is newspaper day,” Greg Carlson said. “A lot of seniors come in to get the paper and take advantage of the discount.”

Retired soil conservationist Al Gantz said he has capitalized on the senior discount at Carlsons’ for many years.

“I don’t eat at restaurants very much,” Gantz said. “It helps out.”

Dale Franz, owner of Dale’s Supermarket, said Wednesdays used to be the slowest day of the week but sales have increased since he started offering a senior discount.

“A lot of seniors are on a fixed income,” Franz said. “And it gives all seniors a chance to save.”

Alco Discount Store manager Robert Berens said that Alco provides a 10 percent discount to those 65 and older every Monday.

Berens said some shoppers have a hard time getting around but make the trip to Alco to do their shopping.

“It’s a nice service,” Berens said. “They save, and it helps them get out of the house.”

The Et Cetera Shop in Hillsboro also offers a 20 percent discount on items not otherwise on sale every Wednesday to customers 60 and up.

“It’s one of our biggest days of the week,” store manager Carol Abrahams said.

Mardell Carlson, a volunteer worker at the Et Cetera Shop, uses the senior discount there.

“It is one of the few perks of getting old,” she said.

Gambino’s Pizza in Marion offers a 10 percent discount to senior citizens, while Hillsboro and Marion Pizza Huts offer $1 off their lunch buffet and a 10 percent off normal meals to those 60 and older.

Wendy’s in Hillsboro offers a 5 percent discount to customers 55 and older.

St. Luke Integrated Health also offers a $5 discount on senior massages.

Additional discounts may be available at other stores. Let us know and we will include them in a future Senior Living section.

Last modified June 19, 2014