• 'Sniper' movie tells grandson's story

    The Hollywood movie, “American Sniper,” to be released on Christmas Day in some movie theaters, tells the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who served from 1999 to 2009. Joyce Kyle of Burns is the grandmother of the 38-year-old veteran, who died on a Texas shooting range in 2013 while trying to help a fellow veteran.

  • Hillsboro food store closing

    Heartland Foods in Hillsboro is closing at the end of the year, and Valery Schmidt is making alternative plans. Schmidt loaded a frozen turkey into her truck on Sunday, shrugged and said that the closing of Heartland Foods at the end of the year means she’ll do more shopping at Dale’s Supermarket, which is where she does most of her shopping anyway.

  • Fire damages Hillsboro home

    A wood-burning stove is suspected of starting a fire that gutted the living room of a Jefferson St. house on Thursday. Hillsboro Fire Chief Ben Steketee and a state fire marshal sifted through the burned room at 214 Jefferson St. Friday looking for clues. Steketee’s initial impressions led him to suspect the stove, but the fire marshal found an alternative explanation, he said.

  • Not everyone gets Christmas off

    For those working over the holidays, there’s plenty at stake. “I prefer not to work Christmas Eve. That’s for family,” said Linda Church, who operates the register at Ampride in Marion. “Working New Year’s Eve is not a big deal.”

  • Gingerbread for the head

    First grade teachers Michelle Adkins and Staci Hansen are in the second year of using gingerbread houses to educate students with an engineering-focused STEM project. “Kids really enjoy the STEM projects,” Adkins said. “They get to discover things on their own through hands-on learning and creative problem solving.”

  • 'Santa' shows up on naughty list

    Was Santa on an undercover mission checking his naughty and nice list last week in Hillsboro? Maybe so. Police don’t know, but they think it is possible.


  • Mummy hens laid to rest

    The Marion Elementary sixth graders wrapped their mummified chickens in shrouds and laid them to rest in sarcophagus-styled shoeboxes before entombing them in the band room closet. Thursday culminated the mummification of Cornish hens, which began at Halloween in Laura Baldwin’s class. Students had dried and rubbed cinnamon and nutmeg on their store-bought chickens before burying them in spice-rich graves inside zip-locked plastic bags.

  • Christmas is more than a day in Orthodox church

    A group of Hillsboro residents practicing centuries-old traditions of Orthodox Christianity does not need reminders that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” Observances of Christ’s birth started for them in mid-November, and will continue for many days after Dec. 25 Father Isaac Farha leads Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Christian Church, a congregation formed in 2001 that is part of the world’s second-largest Christian denomination, one which traces its roots back to the original apostles.

  • Christmas tree lasts year 'round

    Former Hillsboro Elementary School teacher Eileen Butler’s Christmas tree isn’t just a Christmas tree — it’s a celebration that changes with the holidays and seasons. “I don’t know why I do it, I just like sharing the spirit,” Butler said. “People at church tell me they like watching it change.”

  • Snelling makes angels from light globes

    When Dale and Tootsie Snelling were in Tampa, Florida, in October, she spotted an item at a craft show that she decided she could replicate. It was a glass angel made from an old ceiling fan globe. Snelling had some of those and created her own version. She ties colorful ribbons and bows around the neck of each globe, adds some greenery, and tops it with a clear, round ornament for the head. A tea light placed underneath adds sparkle to the skirt.

  • Runaway located, charges pending

    A teenage girl from Hillsboro was located in Peabody on Dec. 15 after running away with a 20-year-old man who was allegedly already on probation. Police Chief Dan Kinning said it wasn’t the first time the girl fled from home. This time she had help.


  • John Fox

    John Fox, 79, of Lehigh, died Thursday at Hillsboro. He was born June 26, 1935, to Francis and Mable (Reinke) Fox in Glen Elder.

  • Michael E. Wimberly

    Former Union Tank and Valmont worker Michael E. Wimberly, 60, of Burns died in his home Dec. 17. He was born Nov. 4, 1954, the son of Ralph “Mike” and Joyce “Ann” Wimberly of El Dorado where he grew and graduated from El Dorado High School.


    Sue Ann Brown



  • Centre school district

    Karen Nickel’s kindergarten class Dear Santa, I like your deer. I want toy horses and a toy unicorn. A janam is unicaorn. Have a safe trip. Love, Ryleigh Jones Dear Santa,

  • Goessel school district

    Ann Hiebert’s second grade class Dear Santa, I would like a big monster truck, maybe 5 of them. How many elves and reindeer do you have?

  • Hillsboro school district

    Tracy Boldt’s kindergarten class Dear Santa, I would like a John Deer tractor. Love, Adam Jost Dear Santa,

  • Marion Sunrise Country Preschool

    We have tried hard to be good this year and have done pretty well. Here are some gifts we would like you to bring to us: Aubrey Whiteman — Elsa dress and shoes.

  • Marion City Library

    For Christmas I would like one baby doll, a real stroller, a car seat for the doll with rain protector, stuffed gingerbread girl and boy, stuffed Santa Claus. Merry Christmas Santa. Love, Kate Wessel Dear Santa, You may not know my Christmas list, so here it is.

  • Marion school district

    Kindergarten Dear Santa, My name is Rusty and I will give you some cookies with chocolate milk, Santa frosting on the cookies. I hope I can go on a sled and I wish you can get me an X-Box, ipad, boots, cowboy shirts, and cowboy pants.

  • Peabody school district

    Michele Gossen’s preschool class Dear Santa, I want a toy turkey, toy horse, and a new, big bed like my brother has. Please bring Miles a new big bed, Jacob needs a bunch of new toys, I want Hunter to have a tiny bed, and Gracie needs another new bed. Love, Gabe, age 4 Dear Santa,


  • Fikes to celebrate 65th wedding anniversary

    Warren and Paula Fike of Ramona will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary Dec. 28 at St. John Lutheran Church in Tampa. They have spent their entire married life on a farm near Ramona.

  • 50th anniversary to be celebrated with card shower

    The children of John and Dorothy Fredrickson are celebrating their parents’ 50th anniversary with a surprise card shower. Cards should be addressed to the couple at 1000 Tanglewood Dr., Marion KS 66861.

  • Days of Yore

    Peabody Historical Society officers have concluded a blacksmith forge donated to the museum some years ago is missing from the Morgan House. Beth Gaines Riffel of Tampa, editor of Kansas Grass and Grain, will speak to the 2005 annual convention of the Kansas Farmer’s Union, Jan. 7 to 9.

  • BURNS:

    Gaines attend celebration

    Snelling graduates magna cum laude


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