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This information was provided by municipal court. Fines include any court costs.


Marcus A. Davis, Olathe, speeding 22 mph over limit April 21, $350.

Cary R. Diepenbrock, Lincolnville, failure to wear a seatbelt April 20, $60.

Patricia Efenuio, Teaneck, New Jersey, speeding 12 mph over limit March 31, $180.

Dakota L. Easterberg, Marion, transporting an open container of alcohol April 17, $310.

Daniel M. Hughes, Versailles, Missouri, illegal tag April 9, $110.

Jason M. Marshall, Marion, failure to wear a seatbelt May 2, $60.

Randy D. Moon, Marion, speeding 11 mph over limit April 23, $170.

Lilia V. Orozco, Hillsboro, failure to yield at a stop sign or yield sign April 11, $190.

Jeffrey D. Ratzlaff, Durham, improper parking May 8, $50.

Todd Ryan Redger, Hillsboro, speeding 13 mph over limit Jan. 21, $190.

Melissa Tajchman, Marion, driving with suspended license May 31, 2020, $410.

Jenile A. Taylor, Marion, failure to wear a seatbelt April 29, $60.

Last modified June 9, 2021