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Lurker proves to be a real turkey

Staff writer

Nothing surprises Peabody police chief Travis Wilson anymore.

A resident in the 500 block of Walnut St. called police Thursday to report an unwanted turkey on her porch.

Both Wilson and officer Medina Sulejmani went to the address.

The turkey, which belongs to neighbor Melissa Leader, had followed the homeowner around the yard and sat on her porch when she went inside. That’s why she called police.

Sulejmani stayed at the house to keep an eye on the wayward winged trespasser while Wilson set about finding its owner.

“The running-at-large turkey came from a block and a half away,” Wilson said.

No one seemed to be in danger during the animal encounter, Wilson said, but when the turkey’s owner came to pick up the bird, it did peck her “a little bit.”

Peabody police often get calls about dogs at large, but this was the first turkey-at-large call he’d received.

“All those years at the sheriff’s office, I thought I’d seen everything,” Wilson said. “Then this happened.”

Nevertheless, he doubts it’s a story he’ll be telling his grandchildren.

Last modified May 18, 2023