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Democrats hear advice from professor

A speaker at Saturday’s Marion County Democrats meeting minced no words on the subject of Aug. 11 raids on the Marion County Record office, its owners, and council member Ruth Herbel.

“With that kind of corruption, that you can even have this happen, people need to say this is wrong,” political science professor Micheal Smith said.

Smith, a professor at Emporia State University, talked to the group about the importance of having both parties on the ballot for each seat in every election. Democratic parties often collapse in rural communities, Smith said.

He said Donald Trump won the 2020 election by campaigning in rural counties.

“In every election, what I want to see is a Democratic candidate,” he told party members.

Having two candidates on the ballot gets people out to vote.

‘Some are going to win and some are not, but it brings out voters,” Smith said.

He also encouraged party members to act on things that matter.

“Closure of local hospitals,” he said. “When are you going to get mad about it? Get mad as hell. Medicaid expansion — most people support Medicaid. Did you know that?”

Last modified Sept. 14, 2023