Well, wasn't THAT a basketball game? One of the best things about the Internet is being able to contact — all at once — those important people in your life to let them know that your ever-best-most-favorite-team-in-the-whole-wild-world is number one . . . did you hear me? NUMBER ONE!

I love doing this because when I go back to northern Illinois sporting my Kansas license tag someone is bound to ask about BTK, tornadoes, evolution, Fred Phelps, flat landscapes, or the Clutter murders. Negative, negative, negative.

I want them to know about historic communities, the nation's bread basket, great hunting, the Santa Fe trail and westward migration, clean air and water, wide open spaces, and yes, talented sports teams.

So whenever a Kansas team is making big noise in some sports venue I am just about as pleased as one can get.

In those situations get pretty smug. Sometimes I am even fond of purple.

This has been a great year for Kansas teams. They have been fun to watch.