Contributing writer

Doni Rogers visited Dale and Tootsie Snelling several times this week. She brought supper over Friday evening and stayed and ate with them.

Saturday visitors of Dale and Tootsie were Keith and Sherry Hess, Karly, Molly, and Emmy from Marion; Kent and Lynn Mai from Goessel; and Kristy Hess and Nathaniel from Wichita.

Sunday afternoon Dale and Tootsie met Paul and Peg Silhan at Town and Country Café in Florence for lunch. Peg is Tootsie's sister. They were returning home to Salina after attending a polka dance in Texas.

Hazel Clothier met her daughter Teresa Hill of Marion at the Pizza Hut in Marion Friday for dinner.

Roy and Bev Reynolds visited their daughter Kathy and Floyd Dowell in Leon. Bev and Kathy went to Wichita for a movie and lunch.

Doni Rogers said outside of her visit with Tootsie and Dale Snelling during the week she took her pickup in to Burns Saturday to get it serviced and did some visiting at different places in town.

John Soyez, Bill and Margie Williams, and Frank and Christy Soyez went Wednesday evening to see Samantha Soyez and the Goddard teams in the sub-state tournament. They played Wichita East and Goddard won.

John, Bill, and Margie went to Campus High Friday evening to see Goddard play. They played Wichita South and won. Glad to report they won sub-state. Goddard is a hard-working team.

Sunday dinner guests of Bill and Margie Williams were Gary Williams and Terry Stienbach of Wichita, Will and Gayla Soyez of Goddard, Carl Williams of Wamego, and Hazel Clothier.

We celebrated Terry's birthday. Terry, we wish you happy birthday and many more.

Dale Snelling of Wonsevu called on us Sunday afternoon.