Contributing writer

We extend sympathy to the family of Jack Alexander. It left a big spot for the service he has done for the people of Cottonwood and other surrounding communities.

Lonnie and Sharon Smith's Sunday dinner guests were Julia Smith and Justin, Sarah, and Lane Smith.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Lonnie Smith due to the loss of his brother. Lonnie just lost a brother a month ago so that is tough on a family.

Doni Rogers was a Feb. 3 guest of Dale and Tootsie Snelling. They watched the Super Bowl.

Danny and Seth Snelling of Marion were Saturday overnight guests of Dale and Tootsie Snelling. Other guests during the day were Dean Snelling of Goessel, Mike and Tristen Wheeler of Marion and friend, John.

Bill and Margie Williams went to Gayla Soyez' ball game Thursday evening at Friends University. They played Hillsboro and lost to them.

We went to Goddard to see our granddaughter play basketball Friday evening. They played Newton. Happy to report Goddard won.

Gary Williams and Ken Peterson of Manhattan were Saturday dinner guests.

Gary was a Sunday dinner guest along with Carl and Becca Williams of Wamego and Will and Elliot Soyez of Florence. We celebrated Carl's birthday. We wish a happy birthday and many more to him and Hazel Clothier.