Contributing writer

Denise and Jaimie Lang and Jaimie's friend, Kelly Hannigan went to the movies in Emporia Saturday evening and saw "Juno." Denise said it is the best movie she has seen in a long time.

John Lang's weekend guest was Vance Covey.

Julia Smith's cousin Haley from Toronto visited her this weekend.

Lane Smith was Lonnie and Sharon Smith's Sunday guest.

Bill and Margie Williams attended granddaughter Samantha Soyez's basketball game Friday evening at Goddard. They played Winfield. Samantha's team won the game.

We went by Gayla and Will's new house and saw it. It's real nice and we're proud for them.

Saturday evening we attended a card party at the home of Rod and Twyla Williams. It was a fun evening. They had many other guests there also.

Denise Lang, Margaret Morgan, and Margie Williams took a day out Saturday. We went to El Dorado, ate at China Star Restaurant, and did some shopping. Just a fun time.

Carl and Becca Williams came by Sunday afternoon.

Hazel Clothier met her daughter Teresa Hill Friday at the Pizza Hut in Marion for lunch.

Hazel's dinner guests Sunday were Teresa, Kevin, and Cassidy Hill.

Have a good week!