Williams wins Biggest Loser competition

Participants lose more than a ton of weight; new competition begins June 1

Staff reporter

Four months. That's 16 weeks, 120 days, and 2,880 hours.

Nearly 180 people started the four-month weight-loss program but only 69 weighed in May 8 for the final time.

Sponsored by Greenhaw Pharmacy of Hillsboro, the Biggest Loser competition had participants from every city and area of the county.

Organizer Jeanne Rziha is amazed at the success.

"It was awesome to watch the transformation of these people," she said.

The biggest loser was Stan Williams of Marion who lost a total of 36 percent of his beginning weight and received the grand prize of $1,725.

Brent Thurston, also of Marion, came in second with a weight loss of 33.1 percent and received $850. Steve Jirak of Ramona received $425 for third place and a 32 percent weight loss.

Others who placed in the top 20 were:

4) Ron Jirak, Tampa, 28.4 percent.

5) Dan Kinning, Hillsboro, 23.7 percent.

6) Cathy Martin, Marion, 21.8 percent.

7) Wendy McCarty, Hillsboro, 21.5 percent.

8) Debbie Allen, Hillsboro, 17.8 percent.

9) Joe Wuest, Goessel, 16.8 percent. Rziha said Wuest lost the most fat and built the most muscle.

10) Eddie Spencer, Florence, 15.3 percent.

11) Phil Smith, Marion, 15 percent.

12) Faun Bloomer, Hillsboro, 13.8 percent.

13) Amy Gillett, Lost Springs, 13.6 percent.

14) Debbie Conner, Hillsboro, 13 percent.

15) Benjamin Wirtz, Lost Springs, 12.7 percent.

16) Kelley Schafers, Marion, 12.6 percent.

17) Team: Dwight Johnson, Hillsboro, and Patrick Johnson, Lawrence, 11.8 percent.

18) Kris Srajer, Tampa, 11.7 percent.

19) Melissa Zieammermann, Marion, 11 percent.

20) Judy Penner, Hillsboro, 10.7 percent.

There will be another biggest loser competition beginning June 1. To enter, call Rziha at (620) 947-3048 to make an appointment on either June 3 or June 4 to weigh in.

This time, males will compete with males and females with females, Rziha said.

Prize money is derived from the majority of proceeds from a nominal entry fee.