Warriors notch one win, one loss

Staff writer

The Peabody-Burns High School boys' basketball team is now 10-9 with a loss to Hutch Trinity and a victory against Ell-Saline this past week.

Hutch Trinity edged the Warriors Feb. 12, 59-55, but the Warriors defeated Ell-Saline, 51-34.

The team had a senior night game Tuesday against Berean Academy, before sub-state play begins next week.

The Celtics of Hutch Trinity took an early 6-0 lead as the PBHS offense struggled, but came up with 12 in the first quarter.

Duane Unruh led the team with four points in the first quarter.

Nathan Bishop and Aaron Topham each added a three-point basket, and Trevor Hamm had two points.

Hutch Trinity led the Warriors 19-12 at the end of the first quarter.

PBHS flirted with the lead in the second, tying the score twice, but the Celtics were up by four at the half.

Topham had six points in the period, while Bishop added five.

Adam Benson, Jacob Simmonds, and Hamm each recorded a basket.

The Celtics outscored the Warriors 12-9 in the third.

PBHS was down 45-38 at the end of the period.

Topham led the team with three points. Hamm, Benson, and Unruh each added two.

The PBHS offense chipped away at the Celtic lead in the fourth and got as close as one point with two minutes left in the contest.

Warrior defense, fueled by two Hamm steals, turned up the pressure late in the contest.

Down by two with 28 seconds left in the game, a key Warrior possession was squandered and the team lost by four.

Jake Middleton led the fourth quarter scoring with six points.

Hamm added four points, Bishop and Topham each had three, and Simmonds contributed a free throw.


Aaron Topham, 15; Nathan Bishop, 11; Trevor Hamm, 10; Jake Middleton, six; Duane Unruh, six; Adam Benson, four; Jacob Simmonds, three.


The Warrior offense penetrated the Cardinal defense in the first quarter Friday and found the inside game, leading 14-8 at the end of one.

Unruh had seven points in the first. Benson added five points and Bishop came up with a basket.

Even scoring from both squads kept the gap at six at the half, 26-20.

Unruh had six in the second, and Bishop, Hamm and Topham each added a basket.

Strong PBHS defense held the Cardinals to seven in the third.

Unruh continued to pace the offense with seven points, Bishop had two, and Benson added a free throw.

PBHS led 36-27 at the end of the period.

The Warrior offense opened up in the last period and scored 15.

Benson put in six points in the fourth, Unruh had five, and Middleton and Andrew Loucks each added a basket.


Duane Unruh, 25; Adam Benson, 12; Nathan Bishop, six; Jake Middleton, two; Trevor Hamm, two; Aaron Topham, two, Andrew Loucks, two.