Use of skateboards, scooters curtailed

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke has announced that young people on skateboards, scooters, pedal-type cars, and roller blades are prohibited from using those items anywhere except on the driveway or sidewalk of their own residence or a residence where they have been invited to play.

"Peabody does not have a specific ordinance to this effect," said Burke. "But when the city council accepts the Standard Traffic Ordinances of the state every year, it adopts the regulations listed there. And the issue of kids on skateboards, scooters, and such is addressed.

"The kids definitely cannot use skateboards, roller blades, and scooters in the business district," he added.

Burke said that he and his officers have seen an increase in complaints as the weather has gotten warmer.

Burke also reminds that with nicer weather and longer days, many youngsters are out and about on bicycles.

"Parents need to take the time to talk with their children about traffic rules and bike riding," he said. "A child riding a bike on a public street is governed by the same rules as someone in a car. They must obey traffic signs and lights.

"Parents also need to remind them to stay close to the side of the road and not weave back and forth or ride in the middle," Burke added.

"Drivers should be on the lookout for children on bikes, but the kids also need to know the rules and obey them," he said.