Update on the Peabody petunias

I hope that some of you have noticed that most of the wandering wild petunias of Peabody have congregated on the south side of Cameo Rose Antiques. I often see shop proprietor Keith Wattson sitting on the step amongst them and I assume he is talking to them and that is why they are such prolific bloomers this summer. Sometimes he is out there with a book so perhaps he is reading them the classics as well.

Whatever his ploy, it certainly has worked. They are clustered in thick bunches and look down right happy.

I find it curious that the plants move around the way they do. There don't seem to be any in front of the American Legion or the senior center this year. In years past they have been firmly ensconced at the base of those buildings and in the cracks of the sidewalks out front.

Not many have migrated to the west side of the street in the years since they began showing up downtown. A few pop up there from time to time, but not like the heavy growth on the east side. They also have not moved down to Santa Fe Park for their propagation and blooming. That would seem to be a logical spot.

For some reason they are partial to being nurtured in concrete. There is no particular reason to write about the wild wandering petunias of Peabody except that their growth habit is interesting, tenacious, and resilient. Here is where I could launch into an opinion column about some community group I can compare to the petunias.

This week that won't happen. There are lots of comparisons out there and you can make them yourselves. This week it is enough just to enjoy those crazy flowers wedged into the foundation of Cameo Rose Antiques. Go for it.