Too late for this lesson

It's one of those situations where you think "I should have done more" but I didn't. United Way in Marion County will dissolve Dec. 31 because Marion County residents did not step up and support it.

I'm in the category with the rest of you where I thought there were plenty of other people, willing and able to volunteer and contribute.

Well, those other people can't do it by themselves.

You know that adage, "It takes a village to raise a child"? Well, it takes a community, in this case the county, to support a cause.

Funds were dispersed to agencies and organizations that served Marion County residents. Since these groups no longer will receive funding from United Way for Marion County, it's possible some of their services no longer may be available to Marion County residents.

Well, we all should have done more but we didn't.

Another hard lesson for us to learn.