Time to fill out surveys

By now every Peabody household and households in a three-mile radius of the community should be in possession of a survey created by the group of Kansas State University students in charge of the city's comprehensive plan.

Residents of Peabody received the surveys in their March 1 city utility statements. Rural households were part of a separate mailing.

The surveys will be tabulated and the results will be part of a larger "road map" to help determine Peabody's future. Many funding entities require that a city have a comprehensive plan on hand to make application for grants or low-interest loans.

Graduate students in Regional and Community Planning studies at KSU are working in cooperation with elected city officials to complete the project.

Surveys are available for additional family members who wish to fill them out. Surveys are available at the city office.

Surveys must be turned in to the city office by March 17.

For additional information contact the city office at 983-2174.