Suggestion: Change directions

Not that I know anything about road operations, but I have been pondering this issue.

What would happen if Marion County Commission considered a county engineer instead of not finding a permanent public works director.

An engineer would cost more ($75,000-$100,000 per year), but wouldn't that save money in the long run?

Couldn't the county engineer take care of road projects, bridge replacements, and maybe, just maybe, have some insight and guidance regarding road issues that continue to come forward?

Then there could be a road superintendent, like we have now, and other foremen as necessary to manage the department.

I think there have been county engineers in the past and maybe it's time to consider that option.

Otherwise, we're going to continue not finding a qualified public works director, or at least a qualified one hesitant to work for less than $50,000 a year, and department issues weighing on the county budget and employees' shoulders.

If the engineering bills for road projects in one year's time were added together, it would more than compensate for a county engineer position.