Students experience Hemingway novel

Several students in English and reading strategies classes at Peabody-Burns High School recently read Ernest Hemingway's novel, "For Whom the Bell Tolls," set during the Spanish Civil War.

The main characters live in a camp in the mountains in Spain during three days of May 1937.

As a class activity, the students, along with para-educator Glenda Mackey and teacher Steve Reiner, set up camp the morning of May 13. They cooked a meal over the campfire using foods described in the novel, including rice, chickpeas, saffron, watercress, bread, hazelnuts, goat cheese, and olives.

Students were responsible for setting up the campsite, cooking their meal, then breaking camp and cleaning up.

Students who participated included Ethan Johnson, Heather Brooks, Jhon Raskopf, Traci Goldsberry, Ariel Sevart, Tyler Slater, Curtis Findley, Josh Sevart, and Justin Fistler.

Jose Credit brought his band of guerrilleros and played the guitar. Several parents, teachers, and community members donated food and supplies.