Regulatory fairness forum planned for small businesses

Small business owners will have an opportunity to discuss issues regarding federal regulatory compliance and enforcement during a forum from 9 to 11 a.m. March 20 at Wichita Chamber of Commerce, 350 W. Douglas Avenue, Wichita.

SBA National Ombudsman Nicholas Owens, members of the Region VII Regulatory Fairness Board and representatives of federal regulatory agencies will hear issues and comments about federal regulatory enforcement and compliance actions.

Small business owners, representatives of trade associations, and community and business leaders are invited to participate, comment about compliance and enforcement of regulations by federal agencies, and to learn more about the impact of federal regulations on small businesses.

The purpose of the forum is to create a more cooperative regulatory environment among federal agencies and small businesses.

Congress has directed the SBA and the national ombudsman to hold regulatory fairness forums across the nation. Issues addressed at this forum will be directed to the appropriate federal regulatory agency for a higher level review of fairness than that in the enforcement act.

Call Sherry Clarry at (316) 269-6273, ext. 223 or 252, or send an e-mail to

Testimony may be submitted in writing in advance or at the forum. Anyone desiring confidentiality may request that his or her name not be released and may submit written testimony in lieu of a public appearance.

For additional information, visit the office of the national ombudsman's web-site at or call Jose Mendez at (202) 205-6178.