Possible rabid cat shot in Florence

Florence Mayor Greg Winn announced at Monday night's city council meeting that city superintendent Phil Baldwin picked up and killed a cat exhibiting symptoms of rabies.

"We want to caution our residents, especially those with children, about wild animals or pets that are acting strange," said Winn. "If we have one case of a rabid domestic animal, we could certainly have more.

"Parents should sit down with their children and tell them never to try and pick up or pet a stray animal."

Baldwin said they did not have the animal tested for rabies.

"I guess," said Winn, "we are asking people to proceed on the basis that it MAY have been rabid. Either way, children need to be reminded of the dangers."

Police chief Conroy Miller, who was in attendance, agreed saying citizens should call the city office at 878-4296 during business hours to report an animal acting in a strange manner.

"Or people can call 911 or 620-382-2144 evenings and weekends," he said. "The dispatch office will get the message to us.

"The important thing is to leave it (the animal) alone until we get there."

Winn and Baldwin also remind pet owners to get their domestic animals vaccinated so they are not at risk for contracting rabies.