PBJH band, choir receive I ratings

Peabody-Burns Junior-Senior High School hosted the Heart of America League Junior High Music Festival March 4.

The PBJH band (joined by five sixth grade band members) and the PBJH choir performed and each group received I ratings.

Several students participated in solos and ensembles.

Ensembles receiving I ratings were the woodwind ensemble of Brandee Burnett, Kendra Harms, Lily Harris, McKenzie Ensminger, Alyssa Brooks, and Seth Topham; brass ensemble of Brody Kyle, Mikayla Winter, Joe Partridge, and Sarah Hofkamp; and the mixed vocal trio of Mikayla Winter, Sarah Hofkamp, and Seth Topham.

The girls' vocal quartet of Katie Lewis, Bethanny Loucks, Chandra Rippe, and Amy Wedel received a II rating.

Soloists receiving I ratings were Brandee Burnett, clarinet; McKenzie Ensminger, alto saxophone; Sarah Hofkamp, French horn and voice; Bethanny Loucks, flute; Nick Morgan, snare drum; and Seth Topham, baritone saxophone.

Soloists who received II ratings were Zachary Preheim, snare drum; and Amy Wedel, flute.

"All of the junior high musicians from Peabody-Burns Junior High did an outstanding job of performing and representing our school and communities," Steven Glover, instrumental band director, said. "Our musicians should be congratulated for their hard work and commitment to music."

Vocal students are under the direction of Kathy Ensey.