More trains to travel through county

Speed limits will increase from 40 to 49 mph

Union Pacific Railroad is increasing the speed of its trains on tracks in Marion County.

According to railroad officials, beginning Monday, the speed limit will increase from 40 mph to 49 mph on the tracks from Peabody to Herington.

The track goes through the cities of Peabody, Marion, Lincolnville, and Lost Springs.

At Monday's Marion City Council meeting, city officials reviewed a letter from railroad officials that would require the closing of one of the crossings in the city limits on Burbridge Street.

The closing is because of the increased speed of the train and the low visibility motorists have when crossing the unmarked tracks.

It also was noted that the number of trains could increase to more than 50 per day which is about 10 times more than currently on the tracks.

The train company replaced the tracks through Marion County during the past year or so to accommodate higher speeds and more rail traffic.