Milton news: Plummers attend rodeo at Kansas City


Contributing writer

Al and Bonnie Plummer drove to Kansas City Saturday to watch the PB Rodeo Saturday and Sunday. They returned home Sunday afternoon. The rodeo was held at the new Sprint Center.

There is still a lot of sickness around so news is very scarce. Get well!

Sunday guests of Ronnie and Patti Gaines were Ty and Kim Gaines and Brooke of Madison.

Ashley Wiebe and baby, Seth Austin called on Lawrence and Lois Sayers Tuesday afternoon.

Bob Kyle, Brody and Braxton of Peabody called on Joyce Kyle Saturday afternoon.

Joyce attended the soup supper benefit for Brent Baker Saturday evening at the Burns Community Center.

Lawrence and Lois Sayers, Bert Zogelman, and Joyce Kyle attended Burns Senior Citizens meeting Tuesday. Bert was a Tuesday morning guest of Joyce. Superintendent Rex Watson gave a most interesting presentation at the meeting.