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Lawrence and Lois Sayers and Bruce Sayers of Cassoday were Thanksgiving dinner guests of Sandy Sayers at El Dorado. In the evening, they were joined by Jim Padgett, Sara and Autumn of Florence. Sunday evening they all gathered at the Lawrence Sayers home to celebrate Lawrence's birthday. Megan and Jessica Sayers and Joyce Kyle also were guests.

Al and Bonnie Plummer were Thanksgiving dinner guests at the home of Ben and Jean Plummer at El Dorado.

Mitch and Cathy Foote of Manhattan, Brad and Diane Nightengale, Roger, Laura, and Casey of El Dorado, and Jim and Linda Hess, Allie and Amelia were Thanksgiving guests of Marvin and Sherol Nightengale. Friday afternoon callers were Norma and Leroy Riggs of Marion. Marvin and Sherol called on Bill and Marie Clark Monday morning at El Dorado.

Ronnie and Patti Gaines picked up Maude Gaines Thanksgiving Day and went to the home of Shelley Harper at Inman. Others present included Dustin Gaines of Wichita, Ben Harper of Manhattan, and Herb and Melinda Gaines of Cassoday.

Renferd and Wanda Koehn, Lonnie, Dalen, and Carolee, Luana Isaac, and Rose Forgy, Melissa and Ryan were Thanksgiving Day dinner guests of Vernon, Florine, and Judy Koehn. The Renferd Koehn family, Nathan and Ella Koehn, and Deby Koehn were Sunday dinner guests of Roland and Kim Koehn, Doug, Kayla, and Diane.

Rose Forgy, Melissa and Ryan, Kevin and Janarro Jantz, Kaylee, Shauna, and Jessie, Jennipher Huls, and Brett Bass were Sunday dinner guests of Luana Isaac for a post-Thanksgiving dinner.

Joyce Kyle was a Thanksgiving dinner guest at the home of Glenn and Betty Kyle. Dan and Robin Kyle of Florence prepared the dinner. In the evening, Joyce was a guest of Mary Langenegger and Gary. Other guests were Greg and Zeola Langenegger, Glenn and Daytha Langenegger, Emily, Amber, and Laura, Daniel Unruh, Trish Gaiser and friend, David, Kristen, Matthew, and Justin, Brian and Carrie Kasper and April, and Mike and Larry Spachek. Joyce joined other relatives Friday evening at the Grandpa Gehring farm for a post-Thanksgiving supper.

Joyce visited Kathleen Brenzikofer at Newton Medical Center Monday afternoon. Kathleen fell Tuesday and broke her hip. We wish her well.