Contributing writer

Rose Forgy, Melissa and Ryan, Luana Isaac, and Kevin and Jan Jantz, Kaylee, Shauna, and Jesse attended the funeral of their aunt, Carol Koehn, at Halstead Friday.

Luana Isaac was a Sunday dinner guest of Rose, Melissa, and Ryan.

Shelby Plummer was a Monday visitor of her parents, Al and Bonnie.

Al and Bonnie Plummer attended grandson, Austin Bidwell's program Tuesday evening at El Dorado Middle School.

Mitch and Cathy Foote of Manhattan spent several nights with Marvin and Sherol Nightengale due to the power outage. Tuesday evening the Nightengales went to El Dorado to watch grandchildren, Laura and Casey Nightengale, play basketball.

Jim and Beulah Gehring of Moundridge called on Joyce Kyle Friday afternoon. Sunday afternoon visitors were Larry and Dee Morgan of Hesston.

Gathering Dec. 10 at the home of Vernon, Florine, and Judy Koehn were Renferd and Wanda Koehn, Lonnie and Carolee, Kevin and Jan Jantz, Kaylee, Shauna, and Jesse, Luana Isaac and Rose Forgy, Melissa and Ryan.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.