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Sherol Nightengale went to Legacy Park at Peabody Saturday and called on Maudie Gaines, Don Gillet, and Leona Widler. Sherol and Marvin visited Bill Clark and Gordon Clark Sunday in El Dorado. They attended the funeral of Pauline Nelson Monday in Newton. LaVonne Ammeter accompanied them. Our sympathy to the Nelson family. Joyce Kyle attended the funeral also.

Ronnie and Patti Gaines spent Saturday in Madison visiting Ty and Kim Gaines and Brooke.

Sunday dinner guests of Renferd and Wanda Koehn, Connie, Dalen, and Carolee were Nathan and Ella Koehn and Roland and Kim Koehn, Deby, Doug, Kayla, and Diane. Our sympathy to Florine Koehn and family on the loss of her sister, Gladys Schmidt. Luana Isaac, Kevin and Jan Jantz, Kylie, Shauna, and Jessie, and Bertha and Loretta Koehn left for DeRidder, La., to attend the funeral Wednesday.

Josh and Ashley Wiebe and Seth, Curtis and Betty Wiebe, Melvin and Cindy Busenitz and Jill, and Jody Harder and Dakota were Tuesday guests of Cecil and Jaque Wiebe for a post-Father's Day celebration.

Al and Bonnie Plummer and Shelby attended a Plummer cousin reunion this past weekend at the Marriott in Wichita. Friday night Kayme Voelker and girls of Nixa, Mo., Todd and Shelly Plummer and family of Rose Hill, and Jeremy and Hayley Bidwell and family joined them. Saturday they all enjoyed a breakfast and in the evening they joined about 60 others at the Candle Light Club. Shelby went home with Kayme and girls to spend a week. Al's sister, Kay Hall of Las Cruces, N.M., came to the Plummer home to spend a week. Al and Kay enjoyed visiting Dorothy Plummer and touring several museums.

Joyce Kyle attended the senior citizens county board meeting Friday in Burns.

The First Mennonite Senior Fellowship was held Tuesday evening at the Burns Community Center. Attending were Pastor Arlen and Mary Busenitz, David and Welma Thiessen, Dave and Esther Stucky, Mike and Larry Spachek, Howard Hess, Mary Langenegger, and Joyce Kyle.

Last week's news:

I hope all fathers had a happy Father's Day. The Burns United Methodist Church women served breakfast to fathers June 15.

Marvin and Sherol Nightengale enjoyed brunch with Marie Clark and Joyce Barker Saturday morning at the café in Burns. In the afternoon, they attended memorial services for Cliff Roberts. Several others in the community also attended. Dinner guests on Father's Day were Mitch and Cathy Foote and Brad and Diane Nightengale, Roger, Laura, and Casey.

Father's Day dinner guests of Lawrence and Lois Sayers were Bruce Sayers, Megan and Jessica and Sandy Sayers. Ashley Wiebe and Seth were Monday evening callers.

Al and Bonnie Plummer attended the bull riding contest Saturday evening at El Dorado. Todd Plummer joined his dad, Al, at the bull riding contest Sunday.

Ronnie and Patti Gaines attended the wedding of Tammy Yoder and Butch Suffield Saturday at Marion Reservoir. Ronnie and Dusty went to the Burns Lions Club steak feed Saturday evening.

Father's Day dinner guests of Vernon, Florine, and Judy Koehn were Renferd and Wanda Koehn, Lonnie, Dalen, and Carolee, Kevin and Janarro Jantz, Kaylee, Shawna, and Jessie, Rose Forgy, Melissa and Ryan, and Luana Isaac.

Joyce Kyle attended the lovely wedding of Laura Langenegger and Sam Humig Friday evening at the home of Laura's parents, Glenn and Daytha.

Jim and Beulah Gehring called on Joyce Kyle Monday evening.