Mayor on the street

On behalf of the Peabody City Council, I wish you all a happy New Year. We thank you for your support and continued interest in the issues facing our city council. Your council will be looking forward to your ideas and suggestions to help us work together for an even better community in 2008. I urge all citizens to come to city council meetings.

My first "Mayor on the Street" column was in last month's city newsletter. The positive response prompts me to include future articles in the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin. My comments are responses to question I have been asked outside the city council meetings. I'm pleased and appreciative that people want to gain more understanding of the city council's decision-making. Ideally, these concerns and questions can be addressed more effectively at the city council meetings.

Are these new ordinances? Most of the ordinances are not new. They have been on the books for some time and are being enforced. All new ordinances will be reviewed and discussed in public hearings before being published. Every citizen in Peabody has the opportunity to make input before the ordinance goes into effect. If someone wishes to have more details about any ordinance or specific permit regulation, the Peabody city office staff will be happy to help you. Correct information is vital for a successful project. These are your regulations that have been prepared for the operation, safety, and progress of our community.

Can a homeowner repair his house without the services of a licensed contractor? Yes. However, when connecting to the utilities outside your home (for example, city water or sewer, natural gas, electric power, telephone) the homeowner has to hire a licensed contractor to make the connection. When the connection has been completed, the homeowner must go to city hall to request the city building inspector approve the work so the utility can be put in effect.

Refer to city ordinance 07-2005 which pertains to Article 11, Chapter VI of the City of Peabody code governing contractors within the City of Peabody which states: Nothing herein contained shall prohibit any property owner from personally performing any building or construction work within and upon his or her own residence and intended for his or her personal use and permanent occupancy; provided, the owner shall satisfy the building inspector as to his or her ability to perform such work, secure a permit, pay required fees, and apply for an inspection and receive a certificate of approval.

— Edmond Slocombe