Luckily there is still time

Whew! That was a close one. You almost missed the chance to volunteer for the annual July extravaganza here at home. But luckily there is still time and there still are committees just waiting for your assistance.

A couple of weeks ago Brian McDowell wrote a letter to the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin reminding all of us to sign up for a work detail and help get ready for our big July Fourth showing. And he should know about all the things that need volunteers. I expect he has done most of them a time or two himself.

There are park gates to be tended, set pieces and aerial displays to be built, kids' games to be supervised, floats to be made, and horseshoes to be tossed. Each of you should volunteer to do something. Or . . . write a nice big check to help pay for the fireworks. Yes, I know you and your family all are going to buy buttons, but you can write a check anyway. I have it on good authority the Peabody Fourth Celebration Society doesn't turn down donations of any size.

If you recall, the 2007 celebration was rained out and postponed until several days later. The fireworks show on the rain date was spectacular and the gate receipts were adequate. Some generous donations came in to help make up the deficit, but the Fourth Celebration Society was still shy of its usual take by several thousand dollars. They are planning their usual great show and hoping to make up the short fall through donations and button sales. So, yes, you should write a check.

This is the 87th annual fireworks display in Peabody. People have been donating to the celebration for a very long time. This is something for which we are known far and wide. We are lucky to have had Brian and his family and friends in charge of this event for so long. Many of us wonder what will happen next year when the McDowells are firmly a part of the McPherson community. But that is an opinion topic for another day.

Right now it is important to volunteer to help and make a donation to keep the celebration going. I am always amused by people who say they can't help because they have so much company coming for the festivities. Well, good grief. If it weren't for the festivities, no one would be coming to your house! They would all be headed to the next town — the one with a fireworks show.

The Fourth Celebration Society has cooked up a great evening of entertainment following a full day of events for you and all your company. Let them know you appreciate what they have done.