Losers winning battle: One pound at a time

Staff reporter

For Biggest Loser participant David Suderman of Hillsboro, he's "tired of eating things with feathers" and thinks he might fly.

Suderman and 129 other participants are half-way through the Biggest Loser weight loss program, sponsored by Greenhaw Pharmacy of Hillsboro.

Two weeks ago, the 130 participants weighed to check their progress.

When the program began in the middle of January, there were 179 participants with 130 staying the course.

Stan Williams of Marion was the top loser with a loss of 20.5 percent of his body weight.

According to program director Jeanne Rziha, 45 people lost five percent or more of their body weight.

"That was terrific," she said.

A total of 1,266.4 pounds was lost by 116 people with the average weight loss being nearly 11 pounds. Fourteen people gained a total of 22 pounds with the majority gaining less than a pound.

Every town in the county is represented in this program, Rziha said, and there are six participants from out of the county.

"It has been so inspirational to weigh them in and visit with them," Rziha said. "There were 20 people who were more than 300 pounds when they started. As a group, they have done super."

The top 20 "losers" will each receive $10 Hillsboro Bucks.

Here are the top 20 ranks, percentage of weight loss, and city.

1. Williams

2. Brent Thurston, 15.6 percent, Marion.

3. Cathy Martin, 13.8 percent, Marion.

4. Wendy McCarty, 12.3 percent, Hillsboro.

5. Dan Kinning, 12 percent, Hillsboro.

6. Ron Jirak, 11.6 percent, Tampa.

7. Joe Wuest, 10 percent, Goessel.

8. Amy Gillet, 9.7 percent, Lost Springs.

9. Debbie Allen, 9.4 percent, Hillsboro.

10. Team of Dwight Johnson and Patrick Johnson, 9.2 percent, Hillsboro.

11. Melissa Zieammermann, 8.8 percent, Marion.

12. (Tie) Kris Srajer, 8.6 percent, Tampa, and Debbie Conner, 8.6 percent, Marion.

14. David Suderman, 8.5 percent, Hillsboro.

15. Connie Suderman, 8.2 percent, Hillsboro.

16. Phil Smith, 8.1 percent, Marion.

17. David Hoffman, 7.9 percent, Marion.

18. Faun Bloomer, 7.8 percent Hillsboro.

19. (Tie) Ben Wirts, 7.3 percent, Lost Springs, and Dennis Penner, 7.3 percent, Hillsboro.

Rziha said there has been an interest another program to begin when this program ends.

"I've had people who didn't get in the program the first time and want to do it," Rziha said.

The final weigh in will be in May with the biggest loser receiving $1,790 cash, which is 90 percent of registration fees.

Prize money also will be given for second and third places — $850 and $425 respectively.