LETTERS: Website sparks memories

To the Editor:

It has been a joy to go to the Peabody website and from there to your newspaper. Why? I am the daughter of a former owner/publisher of the then Peabody Gazette-Herald, Dwight Hinshaw, so I was interested in the newspaper, particularly.

My husband and I have recently retired, and we are planning a long trip in our fifth-wheel trailer, starting in North Dakota and coming south over the fall months.

Of course, we will need to visit my old home town! I lived there from probably 1948-49 to 1955, and went to the grade school there through fourth grade. We lived on Sycamore Street, which as I recall, had brick and not paving on it. We attended the Presbyterian church, where my mother, Ethel Hinshaw, sang many solos and for many weddings and funerals.

My sisters and brother remember the 4th of July parades, when we decorated our bicycle wheels with crepe paper and rode down Main Street.

Names from the past that stick with me are Karla Slaymaker, Virginia Shepler, and others, classmates and friends from grade school days. We look forward to visiting the town this fall, and we'll stop by to say hello.

Julie Hinshaw

Mason Banks, Ore.