LETTERS: Pride continues

To the Editor:

Vince Lombardi, one of football's most accomplished and respected coaches, once said, "Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work."

A phenomenal example of this notion was displayed right here in Peabody Saturday as coaches, swimmers, parents, swimming pool employees, and other volunteers hosted the Peabody swim meet.

Participating teams — Marion, Council Grove, and Peabody — entered almost 200 swimmers for the competition. With the Peabody swimming pool having only four lanes for swimmers, this could have led to a very long day. However, with the numerous volunteers, a very efficient meet was held.

Beth Peter and all the lifeguards from the pool are to be commended on their willingness to "do whatever needs to be done."

Peabody swim team parents again proved that they are willing and able to jump into any role and fulfill it effectively. The Peabody swim team coaches, Laura Williams and Janet Post, strive to help each swimmer do their personal best and give endlessly to the team.

Community volunteers came to lend a helping hand and to cheer on all swimmers.

Last but certainly not least, are the swimmers . . . their attitude and commitment to their team is mature beyond their years.

With sincere thanks from two swim moms,

Kathy Preheim

and Annette Weems