Letters: Host families needed

To the Editor:

To host a foreign exchange student is unforgettable experience. The year will be filled with new discoveries. The student brings with him/her their country customs, culture, food and a teen age way of life.

NW Services, TEACE program is a small agency whose main purpose is to match students with families here in the USA.

Students who are accepted in NW Services Academic Year Program are exceptional young people, who have finished their freshman, sophomore, or junior high school year with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. These students are academically motivated, and are expected to make good grades while in the U.S.

As the area coordinator I give an orientation in which the goals and rules of the program are discussed with the student and his/her host family. While living in the United States these students have the same responsibilities as American teen-agers — they must help with the family chores and observe all family rules.

NW Services students are covered by insurance and provide their own funds for clothing, entertainment, and spending money. These funds are for their school expenses and personnel hygiene as well.

The host family simply puts another plate on the dinner table and another bed in their children's bedroom, and care for this young person as their do their own.

While attending school these students must follow all the school rules and responsibilities, and if the school will allow, they can participate in sports and clubs.

Exchange students to the U.S. realize that there will be obvious differences such as language, currency, and food, but there will no doubt be some unexpected differences as well! It is the ability to accept variation that makes the student's experience a success.

If you are flexible and understand that "different" doesn't necessary mean "wrong," then the experience will be all that more exciting and memorable.

NW Services is looking for families to host a student for the 2008-2009 school year. We accept families with or without children in the home, single or married, and grandparents who miss the chatter of a young person.

For more information, contact me.

Christina Mosier

Area Coordinator

PO Box 64, Burns KS 66840

620-726-5581, home

316-452-1337, cell