LETTERS: Church appreciates donation

To the Editor:

Peabody United Methodist Church truly is a blessed church. We have been blessed by God. We are blessed through the generous contributions of our members and other friends.

Recently an anonymous donor gave a contribution to the Peabody Community Fund in the name of our church. The contribution was to be used to begin a Peabody United Methodist Church scholarship fund. The donor also promised to match funds up to a certain amount.

This letter is written to say thank you to the anonymous donor. We were able to raise enough contributions to reach the matched amount and exceeded that. Because of the generosity of our unknown benefactor, we will be able to establish a scholarship fund for our students in the Peabody school system.

To the wonderful person who gave so generously, the Peabody United Methodist Church says thank you. Your contribution is humbling and deeply touched our souls. Words cannot express our love and gratitude. Once again on behalf of our congregation and the students who will receive grants from the Peabody United Methodist Church scholarship fund — thank you, thank you, thank you. Whoever you are may God abundantly bless you for sharing so generously with us.

Rev. David Ragland, Pastor