Letter: Benefits of being a small-town volunteer

To the Editor:

Anyone who has not had the privilege of living in a small rural town has no concept of the warmth, friendship, nourishment, and cooperation that you and I share in Peabody.

OK, we're not in the fast lane, but check out the pluses.

Where else could you enjoy watching the grandchildren of lifelong friends playing in music, drama, and high school sports? Only in a small town.

There are activities a person can be involved with and by giving of his time and help, help himself also.

For example, consider the sharing of two hours a week at the senior center. You'd help the 22 or so homebound friends enjoy hot well-prepared lunches. (Volunteers may change assigned dates or cancel on a day's notice.)

You would bring comfort to others and by doing so you'd help yourself.

Thank you, Peabody, for caring.

Joan Berns