Legacy Park has all private rooms

Legacy Park of Peabody has successfully converted its skilled nursing home to an all-private room facility.

According to administrator Bryan McDaniel, the transition was accomplished after a long period of planning and the response from residents' families has been positive.

"They truly appreciate the privacy that comes with a private room," McDaniel said.

Many families have moved in more residents' furniture and belongings, making their rooms more home-like, said Lee Brandon, director of nursing. The staff also appreciates the privacy of the rooms while caring for a single resident.

Kansas Department on Aging has stated that one of the major reasons people fear or resent moving to a nursing home is having to share a room with another person. Private rooms lessen that fear.

McDaniels said that one of the factors that motivated Legacy Park to convert to private rooms was that Medicare-eligible residents are coming to the nursing home for a short period of time for rehabilitation and strength development after a stay in a hospital but before going home.