Lady Warriors have tough week

Staff writer

It was tough this past week for the Peabody-Burns High School Lady Warriors at the Berean Tournament.

The team suffered three defeats, losing to Goessel 21-20, Burrton 58-31, and Douglass 58-30.

This week the team will compete against Sedgwick and Little River, both at home.

An even match-up put the Lady Warriors in a seven-all tie at the end of the first quarter against Goessel.

Rebecca Morris led the scoring with five and Jessica Gillet added two.

Goessel outscored the Lady Warriors 9-4 in the second.

Bayleigh Clark got on the board with a basket and Julie Wedel put in two free throws. PBHS was down 16-11 at the half.

A large number of turnovers kept third quarter scoring low.

The Bluebirds went scoreless while the Lady Warriors added a Danielle Savage basket. Goessel led by three at the end of three, 16-13.

Steals made by Clark and Traylee Woodruff led to Morris baskets and the team took the lead 20-18 with less than two minutes to play in the contest.

Morris stepped to the line late in the quarter to shoot a one-and-one free throw. All of the PBHS rebounders were directed to the back court and with the Morris miss, Goessel rebounded the ball and had a chance for a last-second shot.

With two seconds on the clock, Goessel banked in a three-point basket and PBHS lost by one, 21-20.

Morris had all the Lady Warrior points in the fourth with seven.


Rebecca Morris, 12; Danielle Savage, two; Jessica Gillet, two; Bayleigh Clark, two; Julie Wedel, two.


BHS took the early lead, 18-5, against the Lady Warriors in the second game of tournament play.

Morris and Gillet each had a basket, while Savage added a free throw.

Better defense in the second held the Lady Chargers to 10 points, while the PBHS offense scored 15.

The Lady Warriors got as close as five in the quarter but a Burrton three-point shot at the buzzer made the halftime gap 28-20.

Clark led the period with six. Gillet added four. Wedel had three, and O'Neal put in two.

Early in the third, the Lady Warriors came to within four, but Burrton came back to lead by 11 at the end of three, 40-29.

Wedel paced the team with seven. Savage added two.

An 18-2 run for the Lady Chargers put the game out of reach, and the Lady Warriors were defeated by 27. Savage had a basket in the fourth.


Julie Wedel, 10, Jessica Gillet, six; Bayleigh Clark, six; Danielle Savage, five; Tabitha O'Neal, two; Rebecca Morris, two.


In the Saturday contest against Douglass, PBHS was all even at the end of one at nine-all.

Morris had six points. Clark had two and Michaela Methvin added a free throw.

Douglass took the lead in the second and led by three at the half, 27-24.

The Lady Warrior offense played tough in the quarter with the addition of 14 points.

Savage had six, Morris added four, and Gillet and O'Neal each had two points.

The PBHS offense disappeared in the third.

Only one free throw from Savage went in the score column for the Lady Warriors.

Meanwhile, Douglass dumped in 19, and the gap at the end of three quarters was 46-24.

Three baskets were added for PBHS in the fourth, one each from Felecia Pohlman, Woodruff and, Savage.

Douglass remained in control and defeated the Lady Warriors 58-30.


Rebecca Morris, 10; Danielle Savage, nine; Bayleigh Clark, two; Jessica Gillet, two; Traylee Woodruff, two; Tabitha O'Neal, two; Felecia Pohlman, two; Michaela Methvin, one.