Just some odds and ends

You may remember ol' What's His Name, my son-in-law? Well, he called up one day this past week all excited because a Marion merchant had offered pictures and some other items that belonged to her father for the Operation Celebration extravaganza coming up in May. She was the first donor. Ol' What's His Name had a right to be pleased!

We ran a story about Operation Celebration: 1940s in all three Hoch Publishing newspapers a week ago. We were asking for the loan of pictures, scrapbooks, uniforms, medals, letters, and souvenirs from WWII veterans for the "Vault of Treasures" display at the Memorial Day party honoring Marion County veterans.

In addition to the Marion business owner, a couple of other county folk have called either to donate or to inquire about what is needed. Keep it coming! And, Peabody citizens, it would be grand to hear from you as well. Any of you, quite frankly.

If you need more information or missed the article, just give me a call. I have ol' What's His Name on speed dial. If I don't know the answer to your question, I can find out in a big hurry.

Spring break just ended for local students and the junior class of Peabody-Burns High School will be hosting prom in a couple of weeks. Good grief. Where in the world did THAT year go? Seems like just yesterday the buzz on the street was that former football coach Dennis Franchione might, after all, show up for the homecoming reunion of the PHS team that went all the way to state. Now everyone just says Dennis who? Ah, well, he may not be on the top of the heap this week, but he is still ours and I guess we will keep him.

Several weeks ago I wrote about all the missing road signs in Marion County, most particularly those from Mustang Road. I though perhaps an area school might have a mustang mascot and that is why the signs went missing so fast and so completely. A friend called recently to say there actually MIGHT be a connection to an area school. The investigation is a personal one. It involves driving the back roads of a particular county. This is a real hush-hush deal. I think my friend has a code watch for each arm, an exploding brief case, night binoculars, and other pertinent spy paraphernalia.

Shhhhhh . . .you will be the first to know if there is a break in the case!

You also should know that in Peabody there soon will be a sighting of some magnitude. It seems that about 100 relatives of early Peabody Gazette editor William Morgan are headed in our direction for a family reunion. From April 9-12 the Morgan folks and extensions thereof will be in town to look us over, check out the family home and the museum complex, do a little genealogy work, visit Prairie Lawn Cemetery and others, and, in general, get in touch with their roots.

So for a couple of days, you are likely to see strangers from all over the country checking us out. Smile; be pleasant, helpful, and kind. They are related to our community forefathers. Personally, I am glad their ancestors settled right here.