It's always the right time for farmers market


Contributing writer

After an early "Victory Gardens" market day during Operation Celebration, Doyle Valley Farmers Market opened as usual this past weekend. Saturday morning's gray clouds and sprinkles over Santa Fe Park meant a start under the shelter, but improving weather allowed a move to the traditional grassy, shady area.

Located at the south end of Main Street, downtown Peabody, and open from 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays until Labor Day weekend, Doyle Valley Farmers Market offers homemade and handmade goods as well as vendor-raised produce.

Saturday mornings are made for strolling down Main Street, visiting shops, stores, and services you're too busy to enjoy during the week, and ending up in Santa Fe Park at the farmer's market.

Here you can meet friends and introduce yourself and your children to the people who make and grow local products and produce. It's a great way to reconnect with our communities and nearby rural areas.

It's important to check the market every Saturday. The produce for sale changes as various fruits and vegetables are ready locally. Celebrate the arrival of fresh peas, onions, and greens right now, knowing that soon potatoes and green beans will appear.

Within three or four weeks it will be home-grown tomatoes accompanied by a full range of summer fruits and vegetables.

The baked and prepared foods may vary from week to week, but one thing never changes — they are fresh, delicious, and homemade.

On Saturday vendors held a short business meeting chaired by market president, Debbie McSweeney, and discussed possible upcoming events including a hamburger fry on July 5.

This Saturday, the group will host a new promotion, "Finger Foods at the Farmers Market."

New vendors are welcome, as would be musical or other entertainment. Contact McSweeney. 983-9234, or Marilyn Jones, 983-2815 for more information.

And remember the farmers market slogan: "Buy local — it's more than just food!"