Housing survey delayed

The Kansas State University students working on Peabody's comprehensive plan were supposed to be in town this past weekend to complete a housing survey. A "wintry mix" on the roads Saturday and snow Sunday delayed the effort for a week.

Peabody city administrator Jeff Benbrook announced the group will make another attempt Monday.

The group will be totaling up the type of housing available in Peabody — single family dwellings, apartments, and duplexes.

"People should not be alarmed if they see a car full of young people slowly traveling up and down the streets," said Benbrook. "The information is all part of what they need to complete the project."

The comprehensive plan is a road map to the future needs and plans of the community. Peabody's current plan is more than 20 years old.

"It is beneficial for the city to have this road map," said Benbrook. "In addition to helping the mayor and council make plans, it is almost imperative for a community to have one in place if it is going to qualify for grants and government assistance."

The students will be working on Peabody's plan for the balance of this semester.