Home is where the heart is

"Home is where the heart is" . . . that is a quote found on many greeting cards and framed needlepoint pieces. There will come a time when this little saying has meaning for all of you.

Home is a place that will always be there. A place to visit physically, a place to visit when your mind wanders to days gone by, or maybe a place where you maintain contact with friends or family. Peabody is called home by thousands of folks near and far, people of all ages, from all walks of life.

Peabody is still about the same size as it was 50 or 100 years ago. Some of the landmarks have disappeared or changed, but many remain from the days of our founding fathers. The business district has been full of merchants and the streets have been filled with shoppers and friends just stopping to visit and catch up on local news. Conversely, there have been times when storefronts have been empty and shoppers have gone elsewhere. But, good times and bad, one thing that remains constant is the underlying feeling of Peabody being home.

There are many parts of our community that work together to maintain that sense of home for all that have come before and will come after. City government, schools, churches, clubs, businesses, and alumni play an important part of the future of home. Community events play a major role in giving these groups the opportunity to work together forming that common ground on which we all depend. Promotions and events that bring newcomers to town give us the added incentive to tidy up and put our best foot forward. The sense of pride, ownership, dedication, security, and accomplishment that comes from working together is not something that can be found just anywhere.

We are good at hosting events to bring others to our community. The Fourth of July has always be a reason to visit. The Sound and Light Shows, candlelight tours, Women's Fair, Peabody Historical Society tours and meals, all have brought visitors to our home. Add the alumni dinner, homecoming, and other events that have drawn former residents to Peabody. Hopefully, those who visit (or re-visit) will want to return.

Maintaining a small community is not easy. The cost of maintenance and services are high. That cost puts a strain on everyone for resources, time, patience, and energy. We feel the need to continue the Peabody tradition of working together for a common purpose. We hope you will find a reason to contribute in your own way.

We encourage you to develop a routine for visiting home and supporting projects and events on a regular basis. Keep in touch and find a reason to come home again. We'll keep the light on.