Guitar Hero added to schedule


Staff writer

A Guitar Hero competition will be part of the line-up Saturday at Chingawassa. The tournament will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Central Park.

Josh Whitwell, sponsor of Marion High School's A Team, said the goal for the competition is for students to raise money for a teen center.

The A Team formed about two years ago. Whitwell said the team is, "a group of kids who promote fun and healthy living without the use of drugs and alcohol."

The idea for the event was that of the students. The competition will be a tournament. Those who sign up before 11 a.m. Saturday will be named on the bracket for the tournament. Prizes will be awarded.

Whitwell said he has helped with the planning process and tries to do what he can to help. "I want the kids to show the community that they're willing to do what it takes."

Members of the A Team are Camille Christensen, Nick Klenda, Jordan Versch, Emily Hett, Tristen Snelling, Levi Carpenter, Kaylee Heerey, Louis Holt, Brett Billings, Mark Kukuk, James Wingfield, and Adam Svoboda.

To sign up for the event, fill out a registration form at the police station. Entry fee is $5.