Green eggs and ham are great

Do you like green eggs and ham? Venita Loewen's kindergarten students can answer this question.

Dr. Seuss, who wrote the book "Green Eggs and Ham," had a birthday anniversary early in March. The kindergarten class got to hear many of his stories.

Patti Gaines, treasurer for the school district, loves the story of the famous eggs and ham. She read the book to the kindergarten students.

After hearing "Green Eggs and Ham," the children cracked some eggs, stirred in the ingredients, and cooked up a batch of green eggs and ham for themselves.

And did they like them?

Eleven children thought they were great and one was not so fond of them.

"Read Across America Week" also was in March. The kindergarten students read the story of "Mrs. Wishy-Washy" and decided to make their own version of the story.

Each child chose a character for the story and made an illustration of both the character and a part of the story.

After putting it all together the class read their version of Mrs. Wishy-Washy to Shawna McCartney's fourth grade class and Donna Hanneman's first grade class.