Garbage may make us famous

Congratulations to Sharon's Korner Kitchen, the most recent Marion County business to be featured in KANSAS! magazine.

The spring 2008 issue has a nice two-page spread on eateries across the state that are housed in former bank buildings. Banks in Oberlin, Galena, Bird City, McPherson, and Peabody (just to name a few) are the focus of a story entitled "Dining with Interest."

Menu specialties and house favorites are mentioned for each restaurant. At Sharon's, in the former Kansas State Bank building, brisket and "garbage" get the high sign from KANSAS! editors.

If you don't know what "garbage" is, you really should get out more often. I am not even going to tell you what is in it. Instead I'll just encourage you to wander down to the restaurant and investigate on your own. They will cook you breakfast anytime of day and "garbage" is just as good for lunch or supper as it is for breakfast.

Just in case you are crossing the street and an out-of-county car slows to ask about the place noted in KANSAS! magazine for its garbage, you should know what to say to them.

This is the second time in just about a year the magazine has highlighted Sharon's restaurant and recipes. We are always glad to see our local and county businesses featured. Such things are good for all of us.

Hope to see you eating your way through a platter of "garbage" at the Korner Kitchen real soon!