FFA assists Chapman with cleanup efforts

The Peabody-Burns FFA chapter officer team went July 7 to Rock Springs 4-H Camp for leadership camp.

They spent three days at the camp with their new adviser, Glenn Bechtel.

The group learned how to become leaders in their FFA chapter. The topic of the camp was seeing a vision within the chapter. Students were allowed to attend camping activities such as canoeing, water olympics, and three-on-three basketball. The Kansas State FFA officers were in charge of running the camp. The Peabody-Burns chapter also came up with goals for the 2008-2009 school year.

After leaving camp, the officer team went to Chapman to help with cleanup efforts after a tornado destroyed the town. While there, the team helped clean up a wheat field. After that, Kansas FFA vice president Kathy Sexton gave a speech thanking the 40 FFA chapters that went to help with cleanup.