Express yourself


Peabody Main Street Interim Director

Peabody Main Street Association is coordinating with Peabody Economic Development Council to re-install the large "Welcome to Peabody" sign that is now resting on the Marshall warehouse lawn. It's a tedious process, but will be a great reward.

The face of the sign will be covered with a custom printed vinyl. We will be taking artistic submissions for the vinyl from local artists. This is your chance, all you graphic designers out there! You can be creative, and contribute to your community at the same time.

That's the fun part, now here are the gory details.

Graphics must not be specific. You can say we have antiques, but not a specific antique store.

Resolution must be 300 dpi. Image must be in TIF format with the font converted to outline. The graphic must be to scale, one-half inch equals one foot. Our sign measures 12 feet high, by 24 feet wide. I'll spare you from doing mathematics: that would be 6 inches by 12 inches.

We would like to emphasize shopping and stopping in downtown Peabody.

Submissions must be received by May 21. E-mail them to: For more information, call Shane Marler at 620-983-2174.

Peabody Economic Development Council will choose the winning design.