Elevators expect average wheat crop


Staff writer

With about three weeks until the start of harvest, the wheat crop around the county appears to be in good condition.

Cooperative Grain & Supply of Marion representative Mike Thomas said the crops are a little above average. "As of right now they are looking pretty good."

Dick Tippin from Hillsboro Cooperative Grain & Supply said, "It looks like there's gonna be harvest." He said the crops are looking good and farmers are probably going to have average to above average harvest receipts.

Phil Temken at Mid-Kansas Coop, Peabody, said, "The wheat looks excellent." He said farmers are planning to start harvest around June 20 or 21. "At this point it looks good. We have adequate moisture."

Stan Utting at Agri Producers Inc. in Tampa said they are looking for an average crop. "It should be better than last year. We are hoping for it to be substantially better." He also anticipated a late start, around June 20 or 23. "Overall it looks pretty good. There are some late crops that don't look very good but it will probably be an average crop."

Thomas predicts that wheat prices will be up compared to last year. "The way the future market looks and the way the board looks now they'll probably be around the $7 range."

The county averages 36 bushels per acre. Thomas said it probably will be a little above that average this year.