Descendants of early editor coming this week

As many as 100 members of the Morgan and Brewer families are headed for Peabody this week for a reunion and some genealogy work at the cemetery and museum. They will be tracing their family trees back to William Morgan, editor of the Peabody Gazette.

Peabody Historical Society president Marilyn Jones has been in contact with several of the family members for about a year as the planning progressed. However, at press time even she did not have an exact count on the number of descendants en route.

The group will begin arriving Wednesday. They will depart for home Saturday and Sunday. Both coasts and several states will be represented.

One member called the newspaper this past week to inquire about weather and what type of clothing to bring. Another wondered if Kansas was having tornadoes yet?

With no motels in Peabody most of the visitors will be spending their nights in Newton. But there will be visitors aplenty on our streets and in our businesses from Wednesday to Saturday next week.

Hope you all are ready!