Deeds recorded

The following deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds:

Billy Joe Allen and wife to Billy Joe Allen et al, trustees, WD; Lots 19, and 20, Blk. E, Eastshore Development, Marion County.

Ryan J. Hefley and wife to William E. Good and wife, WD; S 10' Lot 10, all Lot 11, and N 10' Lot 12, Blk. 7, Beebe's Addn., Hillsboro.

Donald Ewert and wife to Dennis W. Ewert et al, WD; S/2 SE/4, 6-18-2.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Steve Kahn and wife, WD; Lots 14 and 15, Funk's Addn., Hillsboro.

Patricia Ingalls et al to Ruth Darlene Cramer, WD; N/2 Lot 8 and all Lot 9, Blk. 1, Meehan's Addn., Tampa.

Edith Rempel et al to Ryan J. Hefley and wife, WD; Lot 2, Blk. 3, County Clerk's 8th Hillsboro Plat, Hillsboro.

Daniel Paul Zinn to Joseph A. Zinn et al, QCD; Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, Blk. 6, Union Town Company's Plat, Lost Springs.

Daniel E. Schaefer and wife to Daniel E. Schaefer and wife, QCD: S/2 Lot 4 and all Lot 5, Blk. 1, Bushman's Addn., Hillsboro.

Daniel E. Schaefer and wife to Daniel E. Scaefer and wife, QCD; pt. NW/4, 16-18-3.