Deeds recorded

Patsy Jo Troutt and husband to Patrick J. Combs, WD; a tract in SE/4, 23-17-4.

James L. Schmidt and wife to James L. Schmidt et al, co-trustees, WD; pt. Blk. 4, Vogt's First Addn., Hillsboro.

Scully Partners, L.P. to Strassburg Baptist Church, QCD; pt. SE/4, 15-19-3.

Marion K. Kelsey and wife to Jeffrey J. Stasch and wife, WD; Lot 11, Blk. B, Eastshore Development, Marion.

Beverly K. Winans and husband to Beverly K. Winans et al, co-trustees, QCD; Lot 7, Schlotthauer Subdivision 4, adjacent to Marion County Park and Lake, Marion County.

Edward James Brubacher Jr., et al, trustees to Edward James Brubacher Jr., WD; S/2 NW/4 and SW/4 NE/4, 27-21-1.

Travis Holdeman and wife by power-of-attorney to Michele C. Smith et al, WD; Lot 4, Blk. 1, Prieb's Addn., Hillsboro.

Lance E. Wilkerson and wife to Jared A. Smith, WD; W 70' Lots 7 and 8 and pt. E 80' Lots 7 and 8, Billings and Bowers Addn., Marion.

Scott E. O'Hare to Wade M. Sorensen and wife, WD; Lot 1, Blk. 5, County Clerk's 8th Hillsboro Plat, Hillsboro.

Constance E. Longacher and husband to Frank S. Brenneman, WD; SE/4, 21-19-1.