Deeds recorded

The following deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds:

John W. Siedhoff Jr., trustee to Chris B. Storbeck et al, QCD; N/2 NE/4, 32-21-3; NW/4, 1-22-4; S/2, 5-22-5.

John W. Siedhoff Jr. Trustee to John F. Jewell, QCD; N/2 and pt. of SW/4, 16-22-4.

Laura R. Rose to Joyce L. Hein, WD; NE/4, 26-22-5.

Joyce L. Hein to Joyce L. Hein et al, WD; NE/4, 26-22-5.

Gary Slater to Angela Slater, QCD; S/2 Lot 14 and N/2 Lot 15, Blk. 9, Beebe's Addn., Hillsboro.

Rowdy Blair and wife to Larry C. Lindeman and wife, WD; N 10' Lot 7 and all Lot 8, Blk. 3, Excelsior Addn., Goessel.

Thomas J. Alstrom et al, trustees to Glendon L. Parks and wife, trustee's deed; Tract 1: Pt. NW/4, 9-22-3 (2 tracts); Tract 2: Pt. SW/4, 4-22-3.

Eliza J. Stillabower II to Sandra G. Harper et al, WD; Lots 91, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, and 35, Blk. 32, Original Town, Florence.